My name is Drew Aspinall and I am 22 years old. From my bedroom window I can see a large imposing building which used to be… an asylum. Its name was Ravenhill Hospital, and it was closed down recently after a fire gutted the main hall and no-one was willing to fund the refurbishment.
A few months ago, armed only with a torch, a knife and a bag of cold fish bits, I decided to break in and discover Ravenhill's secrets for myself.

A deserted corridor


I have discovered an unsecured feed of cctv footage from inside the Ravenhill Hospital! Amazingly the cameras are still streaming (most of the time anyway), even though the building has been abandoned for some time now. You can even turn the audio feed on and off. If it's not working, try coming back later. There are still problems with Camera 2 but I don't know why. Good luck and DON'T HAVE NIGHTMARES!

View of Camera 1
View of Camera 2

Control the audio feed with this button:


There was one fatality in the fire, the governess (Nurse Kenchington), who, it is said, died whilst trying to rescue one of the inmates (a blind man). Rumours were rife that there had been widespread financial mismanagement, all the Governors were forced to resign and a couple of local councillors lost their jobs too.
There was also a scandal over the fact that many of the ‘inmates’ were seemingly normal people who had become beaten down and institutionalised by Ravenhill’s strict regime. Many of the inmates were slowly released back into society by the authorities after having been assessed by a panel of experts.

Some jars

Case Files

I found some documents scattered around the office, mostly illegible or indecipherable – but the following case files did seem to be of interest. Wonder where these people are now and if they ever overcame their afflictions, or indeed recovered from their time in Ravenhill…

Brunt documents on the floor Case file 1 Case file 2 Case file 3 Case file 4

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